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Dec. 15th. 2015

Sakura Internet and Tech Bureau Announce Cloud System for using the Mijin Blockchain for Free
~applications will now be accepted for use of the Mijin CloudChain platform, on a first-come, first-serve basis~

Sakura Internet (TYO: 3778), one of the leading Japanese cloud service provider, and Tech Bureau are working to provide Mijin CloudChain on the Sakura cloud for free, as a beta service.

Recently, fintech (*1) has been a field attracting much interest. Private and permissioned blockchains (*2) have the potential to transform fintech companies by reducing costs and increasing security. Mijin provides usable private blockchain technology that can be used via a simple JSON API.

Applications will be accepted from today, and from January 2016, registered users will be given Mijin CloudChain on the Sakura cloud, in order of registration. From financial institutions to individual developers, anyone can apply.

Introducing Geographically Distributed, Zero-Downtime Blockchains to the World for Free

Sakura will provide 2 cloud servers each in both Tokyo and Ishikari, which are two places that are separated far from each other. This will allow Mijin CloudChain to be set up on 4 cloud servers for free.


Using blockchains, point services, banking services, digital money, and many other uses can be realized at low cost. Private blockchain technology Mijin can be used in real applications without any downtime and with increased security. Through Sakura’s cloud service, the Mijin system can be tested for free.

Free Use Until the End of June, 2016

Tech Bureau is offering a testing licensing for Mijin CloudChain during the test period. Within the testing period anyone is free to create services and applications for personal or corporate use, including for paid products. Transactions processed per second will be limited, but besides that the service is the same as the Mijin service that will be introduced later in 2016. Special services for financial institutions will also be available.

It is planned that after this free trial service ends on June 30, 2016, that services will be offered to allow people to roll-over and continue using Mijin. Support for developers will be offered on Mijin’s web site and forums.

To learn more about Mijin CloudChain and plans, please visit:

Mijin Cloudchain Test Services

2015/12: Accepting applications for Mijin cloudchain test services
2016/1: Start of Mijin cloudchain test service
2016/5: Paid plan introduction
2016/6: End of free Mijin cloudchain test service and preparation for paid services

Application form

To register to set up a Mijin cloudchain, please visit:

Depending on the number of applications, acceptance of new applications might stopped.


About Sakura Internet (

Sakura Internet is one of the first internet companies in Japan and also has worked to introduce data centers and communications infrastructure, providing some of the top internet services in the country. Sakura Rental Server, Sakura VPS, Sakura Cloud, Sakura Dedicated Server, Remote Housing, and many other high performance services are provided by Sakura. In 2011, Sakura opened up the low-energy, environmentally friendly Ishikari datacenter in Hokkaido. There are currently data centers in 5 locations across Japan.

About Tech Bureau (

Tech Bureau is the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology software service and development company that developed Mijin using NEM technology and NEM developer technical know-how as a part of its Crypto-Fintech Lab. Tech Bureau also runs the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, Zaif ( Blockchain technology related consulting services are also being provided.


About Mijin (

Mijin is a private/permissioned blockchain platform that can be run on cloud servers or any private servers. Mijin can help realize dramatically reduced costs compared with existing infrastructure. Mijin uses NEM ( technology and is built by the experienced NEM developers. NEM is one of the few blockchain platforms in the world that was built from scratch and was developed using modern, professional software engineering practices such as test-driven development. Data on Mijin CloudChain are cryptographically signed and thus data cannot be changed or deleted, increasing security. Financial institutions, electronic money, point systems, online games, logistics, and many other applications can take advantage of Mijin CloudChain as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).
*1 Fintech is the merging of finance and technology. By creating new IT infrastructure that targets financial institutions, revolutionary new services and products can be created. It is because of this that in recent years VCs and other investors have been focusing on fintech companies.

*2 Blockchains are the innovation for achieving consensus on decentralized, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks, that were first proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto for use in Bitcoin. Data are cryptographically signed and thus cannot be changed or deleted. Using P2P networks allows blockchains to run with zero downtime, due to the lack of a need for a central authority. Blockchains can reduce costs dramatically because further backups are not necessary and if capacity is overloaded, the systems will continue to run. Financial institutions, in particular, are investing significant resources in studying blockchain technology.

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Tech Bureau: Asayama
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