Tech Bureau offers Mijin® in “The Blockchain Lab” at Digipolis, as blockchain technology takes on municipal and administrative services for the Belgian government.

– Japanese blockchain technology demonstrates usability on a world stage –

Mijin® collaborates with government entities.

Tech Bureau, the leading Japanese blockchain technology company, is offering its private blockchain, Mijin®, to Digipolis, an organization for inter-municipal ICT services for Ghent and Antwerp, as part of “The Blockchain Lab” to demonstrate the viability of blockchain technology in efficient and reliable administrative services.

Digipolis is setting up “The Blockchain Lab”, a test environment that will allow Digipolis with government instances (Antwerp city, Flanders Region, Belgium Country) to evaluate different blockchain technologies for potential projects in the future. Once the Lab has been set up, several Proof Of Concepts will be developed and tested in “The Blockchain Lab” environment. The subject of the POC’s will be in the domain of government related administrative applications.

Mijin® advances governmental IT abilities.

Digipolis is an independent administrative institution between Ghent and Antwerp to provide ICT services throughout both cities. “Digital Antwerp” is one of the goals of the city of Antwerp, which is constantly challenging itself to put in practice new technologies with the intention of offering more efficient administrative services and implementing the advanced open ICT platform “ACPaaS: Antwerp City Platform as a Service”.


As part of this, Digipolis enacted a “The Blockchain Lab Initiative” to explore an evolution in administrative services and leverage blockchain attributes: high availability, falsification avoidance, distributed ledgers and forgery elimination.


Mijin® realizes smart administrative services.

Tech Bureau is an Osaka-based corporation specializing in blockchain systems with its flagship private blockchain known as Mijin® and public blockchain NEM. Apostille is an open source tool within Mijin® and NEM that issues credentials of transferable ownership through blockchain technology. Apostille is an easy-to-use administrative tool that allows for online contract executions and automated fulfillment with high credibility and levels of authenticity offered in blockchain. With third parties, falsification of data within Mijin® has been repeatedly tested and shown to be virtually impossible; creating an ideal low-cost system for government administration that is capable of records distribution while securing data and privacy.


About Tech Bureau, Corp.

Tech Bureau is the Crypto-Fintech company, which develops software and services based on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency technology. Also, as a founding member of “BCCC”, Japan’s largest blockchain business organization, it is currently putting all its effort behind the popularization of blockchain technology. Tech Bureau developed Mijin using NEM technology and NEM developer technical know-how as a part of its Crypto-Fintech Lab. Tech Bureau also runs the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, Zaif (

About NEM and mijin®

NEM is an innovative blockchain technology project — a peer-to-peer crypto and information platform started in January 2014 and holds more than 3,000 project members. NEM is designed to work with mainstream industry requirements. A highly versatile solution, the NEM blockchain solution is well suited for the financial sector and for general use.
mijin® is an enhanced private blockchain product developed by Tech Bureau utilizing NEM technology designed to meet enterprise needs. “mijin®” has been tested intensively as a high-throughput ledger engine in various applications.
mijin® is used to build a permissioned ledger within a private business or inter-business configuration from the standpoint of the cloud or within the data center of a private company.


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