About mijin v.2 (Catapult)

Since its launch in September 2015, mijin v.1 has a track record of providing cutting-edge blockchain technology to over 300 individuals and companies.
Building on the success of mijin v.1, mijin v.2 moves the project to the next stage of fulfilling the vision of joining IoT to AI applications. This will enable the blockchain technology to become relevant to many more industries as an enterprise product. In all, mijin v.2 has been in development for 2.5 years and is now released in beta form.
mijin v.2 will have three phases in its Open-Source Project, and sales as a dual license will begin in Phase 3.
  • Phase 1: Catapult Developer Preview Service and SDK releases on March 25, 2018 (March 26 JST).
    You can participate in the early access program:
    1. Create your account as a beta test user
    2. Download SDK files
    3. Get XEM to use it on mijin v.2 (Catapult)
    4. View technical documents
    5. Join Slack community
  • Phase 2: Evaluation of release of mijin v.2 Catapult Core Engine. Estimated release date is 2018 April.
  • Phase 3: Dual licensing of mijin v.2 begins in both Open Source and Commercial licenses. Estimated release date is 2018 May.

mijin v.2 (Catapult) Concept

mijin v.2, a blockchain for enterprises, opens up more industries to blockchain technology.

On-Chain Asset Modeling

mijin blockchain can tokenize all kinds of company-owned assets, and these tokenized assets can be issued, distributed, and managed on the chain. There is no limit to the number of tokens in an issuance, and administrators can design issuances flexibly, all within the blockchain protocol.
  • Namespace (mijin v.1, v.2): The ID for corporations, brands, individuals, and places can be registered on the mijin blockchain.
  • Mosaic (mijin v.1, v.2): A token can be issued in a registered namespace and can be used in applications and/or services such as cryptocurrencies, points, gift certificates, electronic money, trading cards, owner rights, voting rights, e-tickets, and user IDs.

Smart Signing Contract

Tokens and smart contracts can be combined on the mijin blockchain to reflect your company’s business practices. These business practices can be managed and kept secure with the use of secret keys. The smart contracts can be easily created and managed as one-time disposable contracts.
  • NEWMulti-Level Multisig Multisig (multisignature) has evolved to become multitiered, now called multi-level multisig. This new feature enables multisig on mijin v.2’s multi-tiered architecture so that a more complicated business logic can be managed on the chain. Multisig is built into smart contracts such that a contract can’t be initiated and/or transactions can’t occur until all appointed cosigners agree to the contract. If all cosigners do not agree to the contract by the deadline, mijin automatically deletes the contract.
  • NEWAggregate Transactions mijin v.2 technology can combine a number of transactions into a one-time disposable smart contract. When all parties have agreed to the contract, it is executed automatically. This unique transaction type on mijin v.2 allows for multiple users to send different assets, essentially trustless swaps, in a single transaction.

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mijin BaaS(Blockchain as a Service)は、クラウド上で簡単にブロックチェーンを利用できるサービスです。