Blockchain as a Service(BaaS)

This is a service whereby a cloud-based blockchain can be easily used.

mijin (v.1) BaaS on Azure

Through some very simple operations,
it is possible to use the blockchain immediately!

mijin BaaS allows for the mijin (v.1) private blockchain construction platform to be deployed and used in as little as five minutes,
without all the hassle of installation.

BaaS Main Functions
  • ・30-days free trial license is available from the date of application*
  • ・An hourly usage billing system (0.65 USD/hour per node)
  • ・No installation is required
  • ・Automated construction for five nodes
  • ・mijin (v.1) can be active in the shortest of 5 minutes
  • ・Original set ups are possible for the node specifications and regions
  • * Please be aware that 30-days free trial is valid for the initial application per account. License fee will be charged when you re-apply after a cancellation. Server fee will be charged separately.
mijin Catapult (v.2) BaaS
Coming Soon!