Introducing mijin

Rather than being merely a PoC application, mijin is a practical blockchain product for constructing zero downtime backends.



While inheriting the achievements of its predecessor, mijin fuses seamlessly with the technological leading-edge of developments such as the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. What is more, in that we believe that blockchain technology should be more widely utilized throughout industry as an enterprise product, mijin is the result of some two-and-a-half years of development.

Following on, mijin was realized in open-source format in May 2018. Furthermore, in June 2019, we have accomplished to launch mijin, which is a dual license of open source and enterprise license.

mijin New Functions

  • Aggregate Transactions
    Aggregate Transactions

    Aggregate Transaction combines multiple individual transactions into a single contract, and once the electronic signatures of all the designated parties have been obtained, it makes it possible to execute the settlement of all of them simultaneously. If, however, the signatures of all parties are not obtained, transaction settlement does not take place. For example, there are multiple users possessing different assets. If they wish to exchange them with one another, even without personally knowing the counterparties, Aggregate Transactions allows for reliable swap transactions to take place among them.

  • Muti-Level Multisignature
    Muti-Level Multisignature

    Multisig, the mijin function that allowed for contracts to be carried out among a number of designated parties if there was agreement among them to do so, has further evolved. Multi-Level Multisignature now allows for the construction of layered contracts that are able to accommodate complex approvals and signatory processes. It is now possible to create and execute multisignature agreements with up to three layers to them. Furthermore, contracts can be automatically deleted whereby the agreement of the parties is not obtained by a certain time on a certain day.

  • Cross-Chain Transaction
    Cross-Chain Transaction

    The transfer of tokens on mijin (private chain) and tokens on NEM (public chain) are carried out simultaneously (=atomic swap). This enables you to realize transactions, contracts, and processing across multiple blockchains.

mijin Functions


Namespace resembles an Internet “domain,” and it describes partial areas of the mijin and NEM blockchains that can be obtained through rental. It is possible to use this function in order to record and use IDs that identify particular companies, brands, individuals and locations, etc.


Mosaic is a unique type of token that can be issued on the mijin and NEM blockchains. The issued tokens can be used as applications and services for cryptocurrencies, point programs, gift vouchers, electronic money, trading cards, ownership rights, tickets, and user IDs, etc.

  • マルチシグネチャ

    From among multiple signatories, Multisignature allows for transactions and contracts to be executed by a pre-set number of signatures being obtained. For each individual transaction, you can set the required number of signatures out of total number of signatures with the period of validity.

  • マルチアセット

    It is function that allows multiple assets (tokens) to issue, distribute and to manage simultaneously and freely on a single blockchain protocol. Also, it is possible to set the volume (number) of tokens to be issued, as well as to lock their volume, etc.

mijin Concept

  • On-Chain Asset Modeling
    On-Chain Asset Modeling

    By merely defining (modeling) the asset ledger, without the need for any difficult coding, on-chain asset modeling allows users to issue, distribute and manage a wide variety of different assets as tokens on the blockchain. Furthermore, using its tree-like structure, it is possible to manage assets. Additionally, it is possible to issue an unlimited volume of tokens, and to design them in great detail.

  • Smart Signing Contract
    Smart Signing Contract

    By matching assets and multisig, and by controlling asset movement through the utilization of multisig as the key, it is possible to conduct the secure placement onto the blockchain of a wide variety of different business practices and contracts. Such resources can easily be set up and managed as one-time contracts.

※mijin has a common concept.

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