Blockchain as a Service(BaaS)

This is a service whereby a cloud-based blockchain can be easily used.



Through some very simple operations,

it is possible to use the blockchain immediately!

mijin Free Trial for Amazon AWS Marketplace allows you to create a fully dispersed network in a safe and private environment utilizing NEM technology, which is a public blockchain technology, in order to achieve tokenizations of your business assets and transactions.

By building a private blockchain on the cloud with mijin, you can apply the benefits of atomicity and disparsity to any transactions to rebuild your service infrastructure by the concept of the “tokenization”. Now you can evaluate mijin V2 without any license fees, to prove the power of the blockchain finally after 3 years of development based on the practical use cases of mijin V1 provided since 2015.

Mijin V2 introduces brand new features such as aggregate transactions (up to 1,000 thx) and multi layer signatures (up to 3 layers of multi-sig), which is powered by the atomic swap technology with full atomicity and dispersibility guaranteed. 5 years experiences in mijin V1 and feedbacks from our customers turned out to be the benefit of minimum integration effort needed to use all the advanced features at the protocol level. Mijin is a powerful blockchain product based on the public blockchain network of NEM with 5 years and more experience of live token transactions.

From a private network to a consortium environment, mijin is developed assuming the practical use cases ready for any formations of private blockchains as a sole commercial blockchain product with a history of 5 years and more. Mijin will assist you with the true tokenization of your business.

Considerable experiences on the public blockchain network NEM evolved mijin into a much powerful and practical private blockchain product V2 backed by the longest history in the industry. Partnership between mijin and Amazon AWS Marketplace finally make “the private blockchain on the cloud” come true.

Reference prices

  mijin BaaS
Feature Platform provision type
For those who use mijin automatically built including infrastructure environment
Monthly fees Licensing costs 1 node: $300/month (≒42,000 yen)
Pay-as-you-go ($0.4/hour) per activated node for 31 days (converted at the exchange rate of 140 yen to the dollar).
Infrastructure costs 60,000 yen ~/month (5 nodes in minimum configuration)
(Assuming minimum required specs t3.large selection)
* EC2 and other usage fees will be charged for the use of your AWS account. Prices will vary depending on selection.

※All prices exclude tax.
※A node is a computer that participates in the blockchain network and constitutes a P2P network.

mijin Free Trial

  • ・Only one node (DUAL mode / API node with Harvest enabled)
  • ・Deployment: The following configuration is completed in about 15 minutes.
  • ・License fee: Free
  • ・Infrastructure costs: AWS usage fees including Amazon EC2,Amazon EBS,Amazon Route53, and Amazon Web Service parameter store cost are needed
  • ・Region: Provided to 21 regions worldwide
  • ・version:

Please also refer to the FAQ

mijin Enterprise

  • ・Five node (API node x2 PEER node x3)
  • ・Deployment: The following configuration is completed in about 30 minutes.
  • ・License fee: 1 node at $0.40 per hour
  • ・Infrastructure costs: AWS usage fees including Amazon EC2、Amazon EBS, Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon Route53, Amazon VPC(Nat Gateway), and Amazon Web Service parameter store cost are needed
  • ・Region: Provided to 21 regions worldwide
  • ・version:

Please also refer to the FAQ

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