Service Fees / Licenses

A number of service options are available for mijin which allows users to use effortlessly.
Support and consulting plans are also available for those who feel uncertain regarding to implementing mijin.

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Basic Price

  mijin mijin BaaS mijin BOD
Feature Licensing type
For those who use mijin in their own infrastructure environment
Platform provision type
For those who use mijin automatically built including infrastructure environment
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) type
For those who want to use our managed shared mijin environment easily
Monthly fees Licensing costs 1 node: 30,000 yen/month
At the time of operation, there is an annual contract and a minimum 5-node contract requirement.
1 node: $300/month (≒42,000 yen)
Pay-as-you-go ($0.4/hour) per activated node for 31 days (converted at the exchange rate of 140 yen to the dollar).
Basic fee: 30,000 yen/month
Including license fee, node usage fee, and 1,000 tx equivalent
Infrastructure costs
(Varies depending on the configuration provided)
60,000 yen ~/month (5 nodes in minimum configuration)
(Assuming minimum required specs t3.large selection) * EC2 and other usage fees will be charged for the use of your AWS account. Prices will vary depending on selection.

(Included in the basic fee)
Optional pricing Tx additional options
5,000tx equivalent / 10,000yen 20,000tx equivalent / 30,000yen 60,000tx equivalent / 50,000yen
Total 150,000 yen + infrastructure cost
Converted to 5 nodes (30,000 yen x 5 nodes)
From 270,000 yen
※Converted at the exchange rate of 140 yen to the U.S. dollar
From 30,000 yen
※Converted to basic usage fee only
Example of reference cost Please check this document.
Example of Infrastructure Configuration

※All prices exclude tax.
※A node is a computer that participates in the blockchain network and constitutes a P2P network.

Blockchain implementation consulting

We can help you implement blockchain in a way that is appropriate for your needs. We will assist you in designing your application and help you achieve an appropriate blockchain implementation.

From 300,000 yen(excluding tax)

Development and technical support

We provide orientation to your engineers on mijin functions and key points of development prior to development. We will also share sample source code and provide support until effective implementation is achieved.

From 300,000 yen(excluding tax)

Technical Support

Technical support is conducted via a ticketing system.

1 Ticket*
20,000 JPY/2hours per time
/support (excluding tax)

※starting from a minimum of a ten tickets

Incident Response
(1 inquiry counts as 1 ticket)
  • ・Ticket Count: Each inquiry is calculated as one ticket (it being imagined that each inquiry requires two hours to address)
  • ・Hours: Incident response is only available during business hours on the company’s business days (however, requests for a response can also be received outside business hours).

mijin BaaS can be up and running in as little as 5 minutes!
30-days free trial license is available!

PoC Package

A Consulting Package condensing easy installment demonstration

Tech Bureau, Corp.
Implementation Contents
Provision of the Blockchain Application
Proof-of-Concept Testing
(Trialing of the Blockchain Application)
Support of the Proof-of-Concept Testing
(Regular Meetings, Consulting, etc.)
Evaluation/Proofing (Summarizing)
Debriefing (Preparation of Materials, etc.)
Press Releases & the holding of Seminars and Events (Ideathon, etc.)

This is a plan that allows for the installation of the mijin private blockchain environment for a period of three months, including the time required for Proof-of-Concept Testing.

  • ・Provision of the Blockchain Application
  • ・Support of the Proof-of-Concept Testing (Regular Meetings, Consulting, etc.)
  • ・Debriefing (Preparation of Materials, etc.)
  • ・The holding of Seminars and Events & Press Releases

mijin PoC Package:
Total Package including All Above Elements

From 3,000,000 JPY
(excluding tax)

※Select mijin or mijin (v.1)

The infrastructure environment provided by us

5 nodes
※Select either On-Premises environment or our Cloud environment (Azure/AWS)
※Additional infrastructure expenses is required separately when using out Cloud environment

What is PoC?

PoC stands for Proof-of-Concept. It is an easy form of testing that allows for proving that new concepts, ideas, and theories, etc., are possible.