The mijin Blockchain brings a variety of dynamic value to life! Expand the horizons of the token economy with mijin

The mijin Blockchain allows users to issue, distribute and ledger their blockchain tokens both freely and easily.

  • Successfully
    adopted by more than 300 companies and organizations
  • Available
    in 88 countries
    around the world
  • Costs only
    50,000 JPY/month
    per node
    (excluding tax)
  • Issue an infinite number of tokens
  • Ready to run in as little as 5 minutes

The Token Economy with mijin

With the blockchain as a backbone, through management in an electronic (tokenized) form, both individuals and organizations can gain new appreciation as to the value of their assets. By utilizing, extending and exchanging, the active circulation of asset value can be promoted, and affluent economic conditions accordingly created.

The value ecosystem thus created through the use of such tokenized assets is commonly known as the “token economy.”

Furthermore, within the token economy which has as its basis the backbone that is provided by the blockchain, by tokenizing and utilizing what surrounds us of which we may be unaware, it also enables to create and utilize in totally different styles with an absolute value.

Tokens = digital assets Assets mijin enables tokens to issue, distribute, and manage both freely and easily

The blockchain representing the backbone of the token economy

The Five Elements

By configuring the following five elements, it enbales blockchain technology to be applied to a variety of different fields.

  • Authentication / Encryption
    Authentication / Encryption

    Authentication takes place through public-key cryptography, with all records being enciphered by hash function encryption.

  • Semi-Permanent & Permanent Records
    Semi-Permanent & Permanent Records

    When a data is recorded on the private blockchain, as long as central administrators and authorized nodes act to maintain the network, data shall be permanently saved.

  • Asset Ledgering
    Asset Ledgering

    If assets are defined on the blockchain, a transaction-based ledger shall be executed.

  • Fully Distributed
    Fully Distributed

    All the participating nodes (computers) have an equal role to play, with the network structured so as to have each of them sited remotely.

  • Block Concept
    Block Concept

    As single blocks capable of either holding certain volumes of transaction data, or of holding the transaction data for certain periods of time, the block concept makes use of ledgering technology that strings together individual blocks in succession one after the other.

    edgering technology that strings together individual blocks in succession one after the other

mijin comprises all of these five elements.

mijin Features

mijin delivers an overwhelming level of performance that is unachievable among the products of other companies.

  • Distributed Account Engine
    Distributed Account Engine
    Distributed Account Engine

    The ledgering engine on peer-to-peer networks and the data itself are managed separately. mijin has achieved zero-downtime ledgers by utilizing a geographically-dispersed environment.

  • Multisignature

    mijin offers native support of multi-sig whereby the sign-off of all involved parties is required (basically, M number of persons out of N number of persons). It is also possible for multiple signatories to construct approvals processes together.

  • BaaS

    BaaS stands for “Blockchain as a Service.” It can be used by anybody utilizing private blockchains by helping to eliminate the hassle of constructing the blockchain environment.

  • API as Standard Equipment
    API as Standard Equipment
    API as Standard Equipment

    As a standard feature, mijin equips API which are necessary to publication and distribution of tokens. It is easy both to link to websites, and to carry out the development of applications.

  • Multi-Asset

    mijin enables to issue, distribute and manage multiple assets such as independent coins, local currencies, and corporate assets, etc., on a single blockchain environment.

The Transformation of Blockchain Technology

The Transformation of Blockchain Technology

Move on to token economy by using mijin blockchain

token economy

How mijin is structured and used(multiple applications + the blockchain + multiple RDB)

The single mijin transforms the platform where it connects to multiple applications/systems, and operates various assets.

Used in Various Industries

  • Financial Services
    Financial Services

    Settlements, currency exchange, remittances, savings, etc.; stock trading, BITCOIN transactions, overseas remittances, social banking

  • Authentication

    ID, copyright, ownership, various certifications

  • Healthcare

    Medical information

  • Point Systems
    Point Systems

    Gift certificates, rewards for artists, prepaid cards, reward tokens

  • Sharing

    Ride sharing, space sharing

  • Data Storage
    Data Storage
  • Fundraising

    Artist equity transactions, crowdfunding

  • Commercial Distribution / Distribution Management
    Commercial Distribution / Distribution Management

    Supply chain, tracking management, marketplaces, management of digital assets, transfers

  • Asset management
    Asset management
  • Communication

    SNS, messenger transactions

  • Content

    Games, electronic books, streaming

  • Education / Human Resources
    Education / Human Resources

    Scholastic history, curriculum vitae, work history

  • Iot

    Manufacturing, sensing, mining chips

  • Public Sector
    Public Sector

    Budget transparency, voting, INDIVIDUAL NUMBER management

  • Other

    Media, infrastructure, etc.

Track Record

mijin has been in introduced to more than 300 companies and organizations throughout the world, ranging in small and medium sized enterprises to large busineeses.

Seminar / Event Information

Seminars and events are held regularly with a great opportunity to learn in depth about mijin for those who are interested in.

  • The 1st mijin Hands-On Seminar
    @FINOLAB Event space
  • The 5th Seminar of mijin Utilization
    @FINOLAB Event space
  • PyCon JP 2018
    @Ota City Industrial Plaza PiO
  • BCCC 1st Token Economic Section
    @ Seminar Room of Infoteria Corporation
  • The 4th Seminar of mijin Utilization
    @FINOLAB Event space
  • FIN/SUM 2018 Regulatory Sandbox Ideathon
    25/09/2018(Tue)~ 28/09/2018(Fri)
  • 2018 BCCC Annual Meeting
    @Akasaka Inter City Conference
  • The 6th Technical Application Group sponsored by BCCC
  • The 3rd Seminar of mijin Utilization
  • The 2nd Seminar of mijin Utilization
  • The 1st Seminar of mijin Utilization
  • Cloud Days 2018
    Tokyo:20/02/2018(Tue)~21/02/2018(Wed)10:30~18:00 / Osaka:28/03/2018(Thu)~09/03/2018(Fri)10:30~18:00
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